The Will Trell Foundation
The Will-Trell Foundation is an organization to promote jobs and business  to
the local area.
Hi, I'm Rodney Futrell and I want to welcome you to my website. My goal is to
empower my circle of influence and to develop growth in my community. To
set the example, here in my hometown(Hampton) and spread it to every city
on the face of the planet. To do this I need your help.
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Bank Project

To build a bank that is contrary to the banking community of today.
-To be totally transparent.
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Trucking Project

Jobs and our economy grows when trucks moves. Read More
I need all my family and friends to become a member of the Will-Trell
Foundation. Please click Enrollment-Form and become a member today
and invite a friend. We went to grow not only as individuals, but as a
society as well. Everyone to joins is automatically enter to win a 40" TV.
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Welcome To The Family Business
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What do you want to leave behind?

At the end of you life what do you want to leave behind? At the end
of our life which could be at any given time you only have what you
have become. The person the you have develop into. Hopefully you
learned a thing or two to help people that follow you. The problem
with that is that you may feel that your life might not  be worth
following. You have left no clear path to follow. You got caught up
in earning a living as suppose to designing a life. What percent of
you time is spent earning a living or routine and what percent is
spend befriending, helping, teaching or coaching life skills to
others? If you are spending more time working or doing routine
items and less time coaching life skills. Then when you die, if
remembered at all, you will be remember as a person, that earned
a living. But if you helped, coached and taught life skills, you leave
a  legacy that will endure.
Will you sign up today because we need you to be a part of great
move.  I am asking everyone including my family and friends. (and
so on)
Building A Future Together
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The Will-Trell Foundation.
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